Morganfield Police Department and Union County Sheriff’s Department Arrest 3 at Sturgis Motel.

Union County Sheriff’s Deputy Whitfield and Morganfield Police Sergeant McCallister were dispatched to the Roadside Diner Motel in Sturgis. The Caller stated they saw someone who appeared to be intoxicated enter an empty residence on the front of the property. Upon officer arrival Steve Hill and Notasha Below both of Morganfield walked out of the residence. The Subjects appeared intoxicated and there was a strong odor of marijuana. The Subjects have consent to search the living area where their belongings were. During the search methamphetamine was found. Another female Ammity Wattenbarger of Sturgis was found hiding in the bathroom. All three subjects were charged with possession of methamphetamine. Both females were charged with promoting contraband after jail staff found marijuana and a knife during the booking process.

Notasha Below

Steve Hill

Ammity Wattenbarger

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