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Morganfield Mayor Appoints New Police Chief; Council Approves 2nd Reading of Two Ordinances

Morganfield Mayor Appoints New Police Chief; Council Approves 2nd Reading of Two Ordinances

Bill Stephens

August 26th, 2016


During the Morganfield City Council meeting Thursday night, Mayor Dickie Berry appointed the new chief of police. Mayor Berry said the investigation being conducted by Kentucky State Police has been completed, and he was informed by the detective he could appoint a police chief.

Jeff Karn with AirMedCare presented a Full Census Plan to city council members for Air Evac services for $55 a year that would cover City employees and everyone in their household. Without the coverage, he said the cost is very expensive for an Air Evac flight, about $30,000, which is not covered by most insurance companies. Councilman Gary Lovell stated he doesn’t think the city can afford the coverage for all City employees, but it could be offered as an option.

On agenda action items, councilmen unanimously approved the second reading of the Junk and Secondhand Dealers Ordinance and the second reading of the Curfew Program Ordinance, along with three resolutions. The first reading of the ordinance setting the real, personnel, motor vehicle and watercraft property tax rates for 2016 was tabled.

Councilmen also approved the Fall Cleanup dates for Morganfield’s Tri-County Waste Customers for October 3, 2016 thru October 21, 2016.

In other business, Morganfield Fire Chief Ricky Millikan informed council they currently have 49 cases of dilapidated properties in the city. He asked for council’s permission to move forward on issuing a final notice to the property owner of a dilapidated house trailer at 632 West McElroy Street. Chief Millikan stated he has spoken with the property owner on two occasions and nothing has been done. Councilmen approved his request.

The next regularly scheduled Morganfield City Council meeting is at 5:00 p.m. Thursday, September 22, 2016 at City Hall.


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