Morganfield man arriving back in U.S. Thursday after climbing Mt. Everest

Gary Ervin of Morganfield is scheduled to fly back to the United States today (Thursday) after a life-changing experience of climbing the world’s tallest and most dangerous mountain, Mt. Everest which is 29,029 feet at its peak.

I spoke with Ervin’s daughter, Mallory, Wednesday afternoon who said she talked to her dad for about an hour Tuesday and he was very happy to be at the bottom of Mt. Everest, but he was a little bit traumatized after the climb.

According to Mallory, her dad’s preparation for the trek up Mt. Everest included climbing other mountains to learning how to pack.

She said her dad chose to climb Mt. Everest because it was one of his personal goals, but another reason he did it was to raise money for a college friend who has Multiple Sclerosis.

Gary is scheduled to fly into Chicago today (Thursday).

And Mallory Ervin says if you would like to make a donation to Multiple Sclerosis, go to

052616 Ervin Mt Everest Climb-1

052616 Ervin Mt Everest Climb-2

052616 Ervin Mt Everest Climb-3

052616 Ervin Mt Everest Climb-4

052616 Ervin Mt Everest Climb-5

052616 Ervin Mt Everest Climb-6

052616 Ervin Mt Everest Climb-7

(Images Credit: Mallory Ervin)






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