Morganfield City Council tables any action on financing communication system

Morganfield City Council met during a special called meeting Monday night to discuss financing for a communication system proposal to upgrade emergency radios and piggyback with Henderson, but no action was taken.

City councilmen met to discuss the topic after Union County Judge Executive Jody Jenkins during last week’s fiscal court meeting told magistrates that Henderson County had put out bids for dispatch center upgrades, which was awarded to Motorola. He said the cost for Union County was over 3-million dollars, but if the county piggy-backed with Henderson County during their upgrades the cost would be lower for the county. If they did not piggy-back with Henderson County, Judge Jenkins said they would have to bid by themselves, increasing the cost. Judge Jenkins told magistrates the upgrades would include all radio devices used in Union County including ambulance service, emergency management, jail personnel, and law enforcement.

Morganfield City Council met Monday night to discuss the issue because the city and county share the cost of Union County Dispatch. Morganfield City Administrator Gary Vetter tells WMSK News the only item on the agenda was tabled until more information can be acquired.


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