FRANKFORT, Ky. (October 17, 2018) – This Thursday, October 18, 2018 at 10:18AM, more than 2 million people across 14 states will take part in the Great Central US ShakeOut Earthquake Drill. The regional ShakeOut drill is part of an international effort in which participants simultaneously practice how to stay safe during an earthquake — “Drop, Cover, and Hold On”. For most people, in most situations, this means to:
– DROP where you are, onto your hands and knees;
– COVER your head and neck with one arm and hand, as you crawl for shelter under a nearby table or desk;
– HOLD ON to your shelter with one hand until shaking stops (remain on your knees and covering your head and neck with your other arm and hand).

Schools, businesses, organizations, government agencies, communities, and households are all encouraged to participate in the drill. Worldwide, 25 million people are currently expected to participate in Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills this Thursday.

“The central and eastern U.S. is home to several active faults, including the New Madrid Seismic Zone, which has produced three of the largest earthquakes ever felt in the continental United States in 1811-12.” Stated Michael Dossett, director of Kentucky Emergency Management. “As scientists estimate there is a 25-40% probability of a damaging earthquake occurring in the central U.S. within any 50 year window of time, it is imperative that we take necessary actions to prepare ourselves and our communities should one occur.”

Although the primary activity of the ShakeOut is based upon a drill procedure similar to a fire or tornado drill, participants are encouraged to take actions to become better prepared for all disasters. This could include:

– Securing heavy items to prevent them from causing injuries during an earthquake
– Creating an emergency plan and/or updating emergency supply kits
– Talking with their families and neighbors about emergency preparedness

Interested citizens, schools, communities, businesses, etc. are invited to visit to register to participate in the drill. On the website, many resources are available for participants to use during their drills including drill manuals, videos, audio drill broadcasts, earthquake scenarios, and more.

Great ShakeOut activities are being coordinated by Kentucky Emergency Management, Central U.S. Earthquake Consortium, Federal Emergency Management Agency, U.S. Geological Survey and dozens of other partners. ShakeOut is coordinated globally by the Southern California Earthquake Center in Los Angeles, California.

For additional preparedness information, visit KYEM at Follow @KentuckyEM on Twitter, like us on Facebook and sign up for text alerts.

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