Long-time UCVFD Chief hired as new Morganfield Fire Chief

Morganfield Fire Department has a new fire chief.

Following a closed session to review and discuss applications received for the Fire Chief position, Morganfield Mayor Dickie Berry announced during open session that Rick Millikan had been hired to fill the full-time position.

54 year old Rick Millikan has spent most of his adult life serving the citizens of this county after starting his career with the Union County Volunteer Fire Department in 1978. He has served as Chief of the volunteer fire department since 1983. In addition, Millikan has served two terms on Uniontown City Council and as of next month he has served 5 years as Mayor of Uniontown.

When I asked him if he was going to continue to serve as Uniontown’s Mayor he stated, “We haven’t discussed the Mayors position, but we will be doing that over the next few weeks of transition.”

The hiring of Millikan comes just three weeks after the former Fire Chief, Brian Gilbert, was terminated from the position on October 30th.

Millikan will start his duties as Fire Chief and serving the citizens of Morganfield on December 31, 2015.

(Image source: File Photo)

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