Land Between Lakes offering free cedar Christmas trees

GOLDEN POND, Ky. (AP) — People who want to cut their own Christmas tree can do so for free this year at Land Between The Lakes National Recreation Area.

Free permits will be available online at from Nov. 27 to Dec. 24 or in person 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. CDT weekdays from Nov. 30 through Dec. 23.

The permit allows the holder to cut one cedar tree up to 10 feet tall anywhere in Land Between The Lakes except within sight of U.S. 68/Kentucky 80, Woodlands Trace National Scenic Byway, cemeteries, nature watch areas, campgrounds and other mowed areas.

Land Between The Lakes advises choosing a fresh tree, watering it daily, setting it up at home away from heat sources and making sure lights are UL-approved and in good condition.

Land Between The Lakes manages more than 170,000 acres in western Kentucky and Tennessee.


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