Lake Mauzy in Union County being lowered to improve bluegill populations

Lake Mauzy in Union County is being lowered to improve bluegill populations.

The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife is lowering Lake Mauzy as part of an effort to improve fishing in the 82-acre impoundment, according to state officials. Employees of the department’s Fisheries Division will follow the draw down with a shad eradication effort in mid-December.

Currently, Kentucky Fish and Wildlife officials say Lake Mauzy has an overabundance of bluegill and shad, which has stunted growth of sport fish due to the competition for food. Officials indicate eliminating shad from the lake and thinning the bluegill population will help restore the lake’s balance.
Officials say it will take approximately a month to draw the lake down 4 feet.

Drawing the lake down will reduce the amount of chemical necessary to remove the shad, according to state officials. It will also dry out some of the shallow areas, making the chemical treatment more efficient. The release indicates removing the shad population will increase predation on the bluegill and improve the size structure of the bluegill population.

According to Kentucky Fish and Wildlife officials, the lake will remain down throughout the winter to reduce the amount of vegetation in the shallow areas and along the shoreline, thus increasing bank fishing opportunities. With the arrival of rain next spring, officials say Lake Mauzy will go back to its normal level.

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