Snow across our District 1 Counties has transitioned to snow. Windy conditions have reduced visibility. We have several snow plows off the road due to the slick conditions.

We continue to urge motorists to stay home.

The freezing rain, freezing drizzle and sleet is transitioning to snow in some of our District 2 counties.

Here is a county by county report for D2:

Caldwell – Freezing rain transitioning to snow
Christian – I 24 closed just before getting into Kentucky. Tractor trailer across road.
Daviess – Applying salt to bridges and preparing.
Hancock –
Henderson – drivers waiting on southern routes for weather to hit.
Hopkins – sleet
McLean – wintery mix.
Muhlenberg – sleet/snow.
Ohio – plowing ice off certain highways in Centertown area.
Union –
Webster – snowing.

Salt and CaCl seem to be helping dissipate some of the ice accumulation. Some counties have seen a change from sleet to snow.

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