KYTC Snow & Ice Report


Kentucky Transportation Cabinet crews in District 2 are out responding to a clipper system moving out of Missouri and Illinois into Western Kentucky.

Radar indicates some strong bands of snow squalls embedded in the fast moving system. We anticipate snow flurries picking up in intensity lasting about 3 to 4 hours.

Salt residue from the snow response on Tuesday should provide the equilivent of pre-treating for this event. However, District 2 now has crews in Caldwell, Christian, Hopkins, and Union Counties treating roads. The Clipper has moved through leaving anywhere from a trace to about 1/2 inch of accumulation.

Motorists are asked to be alert for heavy snow squalls developing within the main body of light snow and flurries. Within the heaviest bands of snow road surfaces can become snow covered rather quickly. Please slow down and adjust your driving speed to meet localized conditions through the evening.

Motorists traveling north and west into Missouri and Illinois should be aware of the potential for snow accumulating in those neighboring states.

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