KYTC employee dies while plowing roads in Christian County


We are saddened to announce the loss of one of our coworkers this morning.

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet employee has died while plowing highways in Christian County.

The employee was identified as Christopher Adams, a 16 year Transportation Cabinet employee.

About 5:50 a.m., Adams called a supervisor indicating his snow plow had slid off in a ditch along KY 115. When the supervisor arrived on KY 115 Adams was slumped over in his truck seat and unresponsive. An ambulance was called to the scene. Paramedics then summoned the coroner.

The 44 year old transportation employee had been on the clock since about midnight. During a break overnight he interacted with other employees and appeared to be in good spirits.

The coroner has notified the family.

KYTC District 2 Chief Engineer Kevin McClearn offered sympathy to the family and his coworkers. “Our crews are very tight knit. Working long hours in all kinds of weather you get to know the character of people around you. Losing a friend and coworker is always tough, but our Christian County Crew is continuing work today to carry on efforts to make travel safer for the rest of us.”

Funeral arrangements are incomplete.

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