KY Highway Snow & Ice Report @ 7:30 a.m., CST (D1 & D2)


Kentucky Transportation Cabinet crews are getting some help from rising temperatures this morning. Pavement temperatures are at or near 32 degrees where the snowfall has stopped and skies have cleared. Sunshine expected today will help to continue warming pavement temperatures. That serves to activate the salt and other ice-fighting chemicals that have been spread through the night and into this morning.

Overnight, crews were concentrating mostly on “A” Snow Priority Routes, which are mainly US Highways, Interstates, and parkways. They are making good progress on treating and plowing those highways and expect to move to the “B” and “C” Snow Priority Routes during the day.

Motorists are reminded that there continue to be slick spots. You can improve your own safety and the safety of others by reducing your travel speed to meet localized conditions.

Accumulation totals came in generally lower than anticipated for this first round of sleet and snow. The sleet that feel was fairly pelletized making it plow more like snow.

The salt being spread for this event is expected to help highway crews get a head start on the next winter blast. It will leave salt residue on the pavement that will essentially provide pre-treating for the next round of winter precipitation in the forecast for Thursday and Friday.

Motorists who plan to get out on the road today should be fully prepared for the hazards that come with winter driving. Our highway crews are doing their part to improve driving conditions. Please do your part by slowing down, putting down your cell phone, and paying attention to the road in front of you.

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