KY Highway Crews Prepare for Another Round of Snow & Colder Temps

Kentucky Highway Crews across the region have made good progress on clearing “A” and “B” Snow Priority Routes- which include Interstates, Parkways, and US Highways. However, some of the “C” Snow Priority Routes- which are mostly rural secondary highways have been tough going today.

Some of the “C” Routes were salted early-on, but had thawed and re-frozen a couple of times leaving, in some cases, a sheet of ice about 4 inches thick. With some creative thinking, several crews used their spray trucks with a mixture of brine and calcium chloride to help cut through particular trouble spots.

As driving conditions improved through the day, more people got out on the road and that created some traffic problems as people tried to go sight-seeing or visiting, then ran off the road or got stuck. In some cases, snow plows had to wait for crashes to be cleared before they could continue their work. Time stuck in traffic means less time spreading salt and plowing snow.

KY 444 in Southeast Calloway County had to be closed to through traffic after several cars crashed and got stuck, blocking access to homes. Road Closed signs are up to limit traffic to local residents only along KY 444.

While some crews have completed their highways, others will continue working until well after dark tonight.

Snow & Ice Team members are turning their attention to Monday efforts. According to the National Weather Service, we can expect up to 2 inches of snow during the day Monday along the Ohio River border counties with accumulations trailing off to maybe a trace at the Kentucky-Tennessee State Line.

Crews are planning to report about 10 a.m., CST, in our District 1 counties. The District 2 counties will be called in as the snow starts to develop and a response is needed.

Motorists are reminded to maintain high awareness of the forecast and changing driving conditions as the snow arrives on Monday. Plunging temperatures this week will hamper road clearing efforts. Salt and other ice-fighting chemicals lose their potantency when temperatures fall below about 15 degrees. Overnight lows through about Thursday are expected to be down in the single digits.

Lows around zero mean that whenever you venture out you need to be fully prepared for the extreme cold. Something as simple as a dead battery, running out of gas, or having a mechanical problem with your vehicle that might normally be an inconvenience can quickly turn into a life-threatening situation.

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