KSP Troopers Receive Raises


FRANKFORT, Ky. (Aug. 1, 2016) – Kentucky State Police troopers are beginning to receive much-needed pay raises today as provisions in the new state budget take effect.

Gov. Matt Bevin and the General Assembly worked in bipartisan fashion this year to include salary increases in the budget and support a permanent pay scale for KSP, which will benefit the agency for many years to come. The pay scale resulted from companion legislation championed by Sen. Chris McDaniel.

“From day one, Gov. Bevin has made a commitment to protecting the citizens of the Commonwealth by investing in law enforcement,” said KSP Commissioner Rick Sanders. “Today, we are now seeing that commitment coming to fruition. This will immediately impact both our recruiting efforts and retention capabilities. The institution of a permanent pay scale will allow KSP to recruit quality applicants and retain experienced troopers longer, directly effecting service to the Commonwealth.”

In the past, factors such as funding and personnel compensation have resulted in fewer troopers at KSP. The department currently maintains a force of only 900 sworn troopers despite authorization to employ 1,070.

“This increase in trooper salaries is a vital tool that can help us reach that number and operate in a capacity that best serves the citizens of the Commonwealth,” Sanders said.

In addition, the new pay scale establishes specific pay rates for each rank based on years of service.

Sanders said that, prior to passage of the bill, veteran troopers within the agency were compensated the same as newly commissioned troopers. But in an effort to prevent salaries from becoming stagnant, the new law provides pay adjustments based on the Consumer Price Index, a measure of inflation.

Kentucky Justice Secretary John Tilley praised the governor and the General Assembly for taking a resolute approach to public safety.

“The self-sacrifice of those who wear the gray uniform reminds us every day about the value of this dedicated public service,” Secretary Tilley said. “When it comes to the safety of our families and communities, investing in KSP salaries will yield benefits beyond any spreadsheet.”


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