KSP Receives Donation to Trooper Island, Inc. from Wood N Wave Bicycles and Watersports



Kentucky State Police (KSP) Trooper Michael Robichaud receives proceeds from the 1st Annual Grand Rivers Bike Fest in Support of Kentucky State Police Trooper Island. The event, organized by Wood N Wave Bicycles and Watersports owners Ranee Gough (Left) and Jackie Gough (Center), brought in $1000.00 in total donations for Kentucky State Police Trooper Island.

Trooper Island is a free summer camp located on Dale Hollow Lake in Clinton County, KY for underprivileged boys and girls age 10-12. It is financed entirely by donations. No public funds are used. Each year, the camp hosts approximately 700 children from across Kentucky, providing good food, fresh air, recreation, guidance and structured, esteem-building activities designed to build good citizenship and positive relationships with law enforcement officers.

It is a place where the tensions and turmoil of everyday lives can be forgotten; and for one week young people can be given a touch of hope and desire of a better tomorrow.

There is no cost to the campers who attend Trooper Island and there are no restrictions based on race, creed or color. The camp gets some of its funding through activities the 16 Kentucky State Police posts put on during the year.

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