KSP Post 2 Realignment of Uniform Troopers in Crittenden and Webster Counties

Kentucky State Police Post 2 in Madisonville has announced the realignment of uniform troopers in its seven county district, including in the counties of Crittenden and Webster.

The following three uniform troopers have been assigned to Critttenden County:
Trooper Joe Bartolotti, a four year veteran
Trooper Brian Graves, graduated KSP Academy October 29, 2015
Trooper First class Darron Holliman, a 17-year veteran

The three uniform troopers assigned to Webster County include:
Trooper First Class William Braden, a 15-year veteran
Trooper Daniel Holland, a two-year veteran
Trooper Cody Kromer, a four-year veteran

The troopers started their new assignments in Crittenden and Webster counties on Sunday, January 10, 2016.
Prior to this date, KSP says the staffing levels in these counties were not proportionate with the agency’s mission statement.

Madisonville Post desires to partner with local law enforcement in each of these communities to enhance overall public safety. Should a significant event happen in the district, KSP says more personnel should be available to respond in a regional approach. Currently, officials say Post 2 only has 21 uniformed troopers to cover the entire seven county district, not including investigative and supervisory personnel.

011116 Bartolotti, Joseph R. 10-11011116 Graves, Brian R.  09-28-15011116 Holliman, Mitchell Darron

(Crittenden Co. KSP Troopers from L to R: Joe Bartolotti, Brian Graves, Darron Holliman)

011116 Braden, William C????????????????????????????????????011116 Kromer, Cody A. 06-2012

(Webster Co. KSP Troopers from L to R: William Braden, Daniel Holland, Cody Kromer)

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