KSP Kicks Off Statewide Safe Driving Program: Operation R.A.I.D.

(Hickory, Ky.) – Kentucky State Police kicks off an enforcement campaign called Operation R.A.I.D. (Remove Aggressive, Impaired and Distracted drivers from Kentucky Roadways). The effort was developed by KSP Commanders across the state to target driving behaviors that cause most crashes in Kentucky. Operation R.A.I.D. begins October 18th and runs through October 31st.

KSP Director of Operations, Lieutenant Colonel Michael Crawford says the unique aspect about Operation R.A.I.D. is that although it will have the same objectives, each post will have a different operational plan based on crash activity in that region.

“Many times, law enforcement will participate in a blanket campaign that may or may not work well in certain areas,” says Captain Janet Barnett, KSP Post One Commander. “Operation R.A.I.D. allows each post to identify targeted areas based on real time crash data and mapping systems for more effective results.”

Crawford says the campaign will have both an enforcement and educational component to assist in getting the message out to motorists.

“We will have more visible enforcement in crash corridors, more roving patrols and an increase in safety checkpoints across the state,” adds Crawford. “Posts will utilize best practices for which they have had the most success and combine current crash data to identify targeted enforcement zones.”

“Each post will be challenged to utilize their Public Affairs Officer’s as an outreach tool to the community,” says Crawford. “Through media and education we can get our message out while providing the public with safe driving resources.”

Crawford says the campaign focus is reducing loss of life on Kentucky highways.

“This program is not about writing tickets, it is about enforcing traffic laws and bringing awareness to dangerous driving behaviors that cause crashes,” adds Crawford.
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) defines aggressive driving as occurring when “an individual commits a combination of moving traffic offenses so as to endanger other persons or property.”

NHTSA studies show that aggressive drivers cause two-thirds of all fatal crashes and 35 percent of all crashes.

For more information about Operation R.A.I.D. in your area, please contact Trooper First Class Jay Thomas at 270-856-3721for post 1 or call the KSP Public Affairs Branch at (502) 782-1780.

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