KSP Increases Traffic Enforcement on 4th of July Weekend

National Crash Awareness and Reduction Effort by State Police Agencies

Madisonville, Ky. (July 2, 2020) – Kentucky State Police is participating in Operation C.A.R.E (Crash Awareness Reduction Effort) this 4th of July weekend.  From July 2, 2020 to July 5, 2020, KSP Post 2 troopers will be taking part in a national effort to increase officer presence on Interstate and U.S Highways.

KSP troopers and officers will put a high emphasis on all traffic enforcement violations, including speeding, failure to wear safety restraints (seatbelt), impaired/distracted driving, and commercial vehicle enforcement. To increase safety on the roads during this nationwide blitz, troopers are encouraged to report all road activity that could be dangerous to others.

KSP is committed to protecting travelers on our roadways, and troopers will be working tirelessly to keep impaired and dangerous drivers off the road. We ask all drivers to do their part to keep our roads safe by obeying Kentucky traffic laws, operating their vehicle with courtesy, and being aware of others while driving.

KSP offers drivers the following tips to increase safety awareness on the roads this weekend:

  • Slow down – especially in bad weather, construction areas, heavy traffic and unfamiliar locations
  • Buckle Up – Click It or Ticket, ensure everyone in the vehicle is properly restrained. It is the law.
  • Move Over for first responders – Kentucky passed a law in 2003 requiring motorists to move to the adjacent lane when approaching an emergency or public safety vehicle. If it is impossible or unsafe to change lanes, motorists must slow down and use caution. Failure to comply can result in fines, jail time or both.
  • Eliminate distractions while driving – stay alert, monitor weather and road conditions wherever you’re traveling, and keep your phones put away while operating your vehicle.
  • Leave early for your destinations– As with all holiday weekends, it is highly likely more vehicles will be on the roadway. This increase in traffic could create delays in your travels, which we urge all operators to take into account.

If you observe a troublesome driver or any suspicious road conditions, please contact your local KSP Post or law enforcement agency. Visit http://kentuckystatepolice.org/post-locations/ to find your local KSP Post. We encourage everyone on and off Kentucky’s roadways to stay safe this weekend.

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