KSP Cram The Cruiser Nets 123 Tons Of Food

Kentucky State Police reports 123 tons of food was collected for families in the Commonwealth during the sixth annual ‘Cram the Cruiser’ food drive.

KSP Commissioner Rodney Brewer initiated the program in 2010 to assist needy families in the local post and region areas. Since that time, officials indicate the agency has contributed more than 780-thousand pounds of food to shelters, food banks and churches across Kentucky.

Brewer said in a release, “Once again this project illustrates the tremendous partnerships and support that our agency enjoys across the Commonwealth. Because of the generosity of numerous businesses and citizens, we have set another record that will help feed those in need this holiday season.”

According to Brewer, Post 16 in Henderson is the 2015 champion with a total of 44,670 pounds of food collected.

Henderson Post Captain Todd Kidd credits local citizens and businesses for their support of the project.

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