Kenergy, an electric distribution cooperative serving 14 western Kentucky counties is exploring the opportunity to provide broadband services.

“Kenergy is looking into offering broadband services,” Kenergy President and CEO Jeff Hohn said. “There are several legislative and regulatory hurdles that we would have to clear before that opportunity would be available for us.”

Kenergy’s desire to provide broadband access emanates from the same factors that propelled the Rural Electrification Act into existence. For-profit electric utilities had little desire to extend electric service to sparsely populated areas. As a result, Congress passed the Rural Electrification Act in 1936 to provide loans so cooperatives could form and distribute electricity to unserved areas. The nation’s broadband providers have followed a similar path. As a result, significant portions of Kenergy’s service territory have been left in the dark as to broadband as they were to electricity 80 years ago.

“High-speed broadband can provide substantial value for our communities,” said Hohn. “These benefits include greater availability to information, online learning opportunities, economic growth, and increased efficiency for our local businesses.”

The cooperative is evaluating financing options and has filed a waiver with the Kentucky Public Service Commission. Kenergy will release more updates and details as they become available.

If you would like to send a letter of support for Kenergy to provide broadband services, please contact the Kentucky Public Service Commission and reference Case No. 2020-00215 in the subject line of your email to: or mail your letter to:

Kentucky Public Service Commission

211 Sower Boulevard

Frankfort, KY 40602


For more information about Kenergy, please visit or call 800.844.4832.

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