KDE accepting applications for the School Counselors Advisory Council

(FRANKFORT, KY) – The Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) is currently accepting applications for the School Counselors Advisory Council.

The KDE School Counselors Advisory Council is a vital component to building leadership, professionalism and advocacy among Kentucky’s school counselors. School counselors are selected from the applicants by a group of stakeholders based on varied experiences and levels to ensure all areas and demographics are represented from around the state.

Most recently, the advisory council shared feedback regarding their roles and responsibilities within their schools and districts. This information helps drive guidance from KDE in order to inform not only school counselors, but also administrators, about the true role of the school counselor. 

The advisory group also has provided input to create updates to the Kentucky Framework of Best Practices for School Counselors. Some members have submitted videos displayed on the KDE School Counseling webpage showcasing their expertise in different aspects of a comprehensive school counseling program.

Collaboration is encouraged, as this group will include a variety of different experiences, levels and demographics to continue making progress toward successful comprehensive school counseling programs. 

If selected, school counselors would serve a term of three years beginning in the fall of 2023, and meet quarterly each year.

The deadline for submission is June 1. Please contact Heather Bushelman with any questions.

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