Journey into Space with NASA’s Hubble & James Webb Space Telescope Interactive Exhibit at PAC

Henderson, KY – NASA’s New Views of the Universe: Hubble Space Telescope exhibit will open on July 26, 2021, at the Preston Arts Center (PAC), located on the campus of Henderson Community College (HCC). 

In this exhibition, visitors will be immersed in the Hubble mission and its discoveries. A scale model of the space telescope is the installation’s focal point. Additional stations present activities about how the telescope works and highlight some of the many ways Hubble has helped unlock the mysteries of the universe.

The exhibit features images and observations taken by Hubble of planets, galaxies, black holes, and many other celestial objects. Using a multi-spectral imaging station, visitors can also learn about the different wavelengths of light by viewing objects in ultraviolet, visible, and infrared light.

This 2,000-square-foot exhibit also includes a section devoted to the soon-to-be-launched James Webb Space Telescope. Through videos and displays, visitors will find out how this new telescope will work. Exhibit visitors will learn about the technology of the Webb telescope, designed to explore the universe in infrared light. With its advanced technology, Webb will peer farther back in time than any other spacecraft in existence and help scientists make scientific breakthroughs.

The exhibit will be open Monday through Friday from 10 am – 4 pm in the Scott Foyer of the Preston Arts Center, beginning July 26 and will remain until September 24, 2021.


PAC is located on the campus of HCC at 2660 South Green Street in Henderson, KY. For more information about PAC, please visit:


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