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Its National Pizza Day! Check out These 5 Pizza World Records

Today is National Pizza Day, and we all love pizza! What better way to celebrate the beloved savory pie than with some of the most impressive and delicious pizza-related world records.

Pizza, which spread from the Napoli region of Italy to become one of the world’s most popular foods, is a recurring theme in Guinness World Records, with titles including the largest pizza, the largest collection of pizza-related items and the most pizza boxes folded in one minute.

Here are five of the most decadent pizza-related Guinness World Records to make Odd News headlines.

World’s largest pizza

U.S.-based chain Pizza Hut teamed up with popular YouTuber Airrack in January to break the Guinness World Record for the largest pizza at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

The ingredients for the pizza were laid out on the convention center floor and cooked using a series of mobile heat lamps, resulting in a record-breaking pie measuring 13,957.77 square feet.

Largest pizza party

Mike Bausch, owner of the Andolini’s Pizza chain in Oklahoma, led the successful attempt at holding the world’s largest pizza party prior to a University of Tulsa basketball game in January.

The party featured 3,357 participants, all of whom were required to finish two slices of pizza and a small bottle of water during the 15-minute party.

Most varieties of cheese on a pizza

French chefs Morgan Niquet, Fran├žois Robin and Julien Serri teamed up to break a world record by cooking a pizza featuring 834 different varieties of cheese in September 2021.

The pizza more than tripled the previous record of 254 varieties of cheese, which was set by French chef Benoit Bruel the previous year.

Largest collection of pizza-related items

Pizza superfan Telina Cuppari of Kenilworth, N.J., obtained a Guinness World Record in 2022 for her collection of 669 pizza-related items.

Cuppari’s collection includes pizza boxes, stickers, books, towels, clothing items, toys and kitchen utensils.

Most pizza boxes folded in one minute

Randy DeGregorio of Manalapan, N.J., put his experience as a delivery driver for Mezza Luna Pizza to use when he broke a Guinness World Record by folding 18 cardboard pizza boxes in one minute.

DeGregorio said he discovered he had a talent for assembling boxes when he and other drivers would compete to see who could fold boxes the fastest when business was slow. He bested the previous record of 14 boxes in one minute, set by Vanoni Allessandro of Italy.

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