Henderson Police investigating traffic accident involving 2 1/2 year old child

Police in Henderson are investigating a traffic accident involving a 2 ½ year old child.

Henderson Police report 2 ½ year old Avyana Wood of Reed was in a van with family members when an incident involving the driver of a truck, 75 year old Thomas Hays of Henderson, occurred and he followed the van to the 22-hundred block of Zion Road after being cut off in traffic. Police say Hays remained in his truck and words were exchanged with the homeowner, Rodney Yates while other people stood close by as Yates yelled at Hays to leave.

According to authorities, as Hays pulled away the 2 ½ year old girl stepped off of the curb and was hit by the front passenger tire. Police indicate Hays, who stated he did not see the child, immediately stopped and another motorist who witnessed the child stepping in front of the truck called 9-1-1. None of the adults standing around reportedly saw the child come outside. Police say one family member stated that she saw the girl out of the corner of her eye as she stepped off the curb in front of the truck.

Henderson Police report the 2 ½ year old girl was transported to Methodist Hospital for treatment of non-life threatening injuries.

Authorities indicate no criminal charges have been filed against the 75 year old Henderson man.

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