Henderson Community College’s Nursing Program Welcomes 38 New Students

Henderson, KY – As the new semester started on August 24th, the Henderson Community College’s (HCC) Nursing Program, one of the flagship programs of HCC, welcomed 38 new students.

The new students had an orientation date on August 13th, where they learn about what to expect while here in the HCC Nursing Program, get the chance to meet their instructors, and get the chance to talk to their fellow students. While talking to the students during the orientation, they were asked the questions “Why nursing? Why HCC?” Here are some of the answers that the new students gave:

Incoming student and mother Andrea Beckner said “I became a Certified Nursing Assistant at 17 years old through a program at my high school, and during my senior year, I took an EMT class. These experiences just cemented the fact that I wanted to become a nurse! I chose HCC because not only is it close to home, it also comes highly recommended. I wouldn’t want to start my nursing education anywhere else!”

Heather Adams, another new nursing student, said “I’ve been working in the healthcare field for 5 years, most recently at a local doctor’s office. I’ve always wanted to be a nurse, but I’m 33 years old, and wasn’t sure I wanted to go back to school. Since talking to some of the nurses I work with and hearing them talk so highly of HCC, I chose to make my dreams a reality and jump in to nursing school.”

Kira Neal wanted to come to attend the HCC Nursing program because “I’ve heard that the nurses who graduate from HCC are the ones who are most prepared to go on the floor, and after hearing that feedback, I knew HCC was where I needed to get my education.”

Henderson Community College’s Nursing program is a Selective Admissions program. The program is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing, Inc. and receives the approval of the Kentucky Board of Nursing. Congratulations to all 38 of the new nursing students! Henderson Community College is located at 2660 S. Green Street in Henderson, KY.


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