Henderson Community College Student Olivia Matthews Accepted to Princeton University

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HENDERSON, KY– Henderson Community College student Olivia Matthews has been accepted to
Princeton University. Olivia is currently enrolled at HCC as a high school student through the Early
College Academy.

At Princeton, Olivia plans to major in political science. She hopes to one day pursue a career in campaign
management or work alongside elected officials as an advisor. She is passionate about making a positive
change through politics.

Olivia’s participation in the Early College Academy at HCC will allow her to graduate this May from Union
County High School with two degrees, her high school diploma and her associates degree. She’ll walk onto
Princeton’s campus in August already two years ahead of students her same age.

“The Early College Academy…has given me astounding resources, support, and new skills that will allow
me to fit right in and prosper at Princeton. I never would’ve had the opportunity to attend an Ivy League if
I hadn’t joined the Early College Academy.” says Olivia.

Students in the Early College Academy attend classes on campus at HCC full-time during their junior and
senior years of high school. Students can still participate in extracurricular activities at their high school
and tuition is covered through scholarships or self-pay. The ECA is made possible through partnerships
with organizations like Toyota Motors (TMMI) and local high schools.

“I’m excited about the continued growth of our Early College Academy at HCC. ECA provides an
increasing number of local high school students the opportunity to get a head start on college. Students
enjoy a high-quality education while avoiding the accumulation of student loans.” says Dr. Jason Warren,
Henderson Community College President.

HCC is proud to offer students, like Olivia, the chance to earn a college degree in high school. For more
information on the Early College Academy, please contact your child’s high school counselor or Kara
Becker, HCC Early College Coordinator at kara.becker@kctcs.edu.


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