Henderson Community College Celebrates Career & Technical Education Month

HENDERSON, Ky- Henderson Community College is proud to celebrate the success of career and
technical education in our surrounding communities.
As a continued supporter of dual credit education, Henderson Community College has committed over
$175,000 to support dual credit technical education in Henderson and Union Counties. This year 441 dual
credit students have participated in dual credit technical courses, earning over 1,500 credits towards
technical degrees.

Henderson Community College has established 20 pathways among our partner schools to assist students
in their transition to high demand workforce areas. These areas include but are not limited to education,
medicine, industrial maintenance, computer information technology, and agriculture. Many local high
school educators serve as college professors to provide these additional learning opportunities.

“The pathways Henderson Community College has created with our high school partners allows students
to get a jump on their higher education. They gain the confidence to attend college and see it through to
graduation. Ultimately, this opportunity prepares them for a fulfilling career after college.” says Vince
Tweddell, Transition Specialist at Henderson Community College.

Many of the students who participate in the dual credit technical education program will also have the
opportunity to earn certifications as they complete their courses.
Henderson Community College is thrilled to play such a large role in preparing local students for their

For more information on dual credit programs, contact Dr. Chad Phillips at chad.phillips@kctcs.edu or
(270) 831-1867.

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