Gov. Bevin Declares October 30th Mine Rescue Day 

FRANKFORT, Ky. (Oct. 27, 2017) – Gov. Matt Bevin has declared Oct. 30, 2017 as Mine Rescue Day in Kentucky in honor of the mine-rescue team members who risk their lives performing rescues during mine emergencies.

Throughout Kentucky’s history, these trained miners have been called upon to rescue fellow miners from emergencies arising from fires, explosions, roof falls, flooding or harmful gases.

“Mine-rescue team members, at great risk to their personal safety, provide coverage to Kentucky mines so that miners know that should an emergency arise, help is on the way to protect them,” Gov. Bevin said.

According to Department for Natural Resources Commissioner Allen Luttrell, Kentucky is home to the nation’s second largest number of coal miners and employs 14.3 percent of the nation’s miners, all of whom depend on mine rescue teams in the event of a mine disaster.

“I’m proud of the people who train hard and prepare to do this at the potential risk to their own lives,” Commissioner Luttrell said.

The Division of Mine Safety (DMS) has 61 mine safety specialists, all of whom are trained to perform mine rescue work.

Mine safety specialists remove risk from the workplace as well as provide mine-rescue coverage to all Kentucky mines. They do this through miner training and education, as well as through hands-on observations. When a safety issue is found, the risk is discussed with the miner and a solution is found that makes the workplace safer.

“We ask all Kentuckians to acknowledge these individuals who work to make miners and mines safer so that all Kentucky miners go home to their loved ones each and every day,” said DMS Director Jim Vicini.

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