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Often times KSP Post-16 Public Information Officer Trooper Cory King says he’s asked by parents about driving classes for their teen. King says there hasn’t been a lot of talk about safe driving classes but he’s excited to announce that KY Safe Driver now offers FREE classes locally. Many parents and teens alike have no idea but it’s now available and starting July 1st…ALL teens will be REQUIRED by Kentucky Law to take this class.

What You Need to Know:
Traffic crashes are the leading cause of teen fatalities, accounting for 44% of teen deaths in the United States.
The National Safety Council has segmented this problem into three distinct areas, and have adopted strategies to address each of them:
Reduce teen drivers’ exposure to risk;
Modify risky driving behavior;
Develop driver skills and experience.

The Kentucky Safe Driver “Alive at 25” Program addresses all three distinct areas.

Kentucky Safe Driver (KSD) is a non-profit 501 (c)3 organization established by the Colorado State Patrol Family Foundation (CSPFF) in 2016 and is dedicated to the mission of reducing injury and fatal crashes by providing the motoring public with defensive driving programs and public awareness efforts throughout Kentucky.

All KSD programs utilize multi-agency law enforcement teams of current and retired state, county and municipal police officers who are committed professionals, dedicated to saving lives on our roadways.

Graduated Driver License classes are FREE to students that need to meet the 4-hour mandatory requirement.

Local classes are already scheduled:

Daviess Co: Thursday, July 12, 2018 4 – 8pm Owensboro Community College

Henderson Co: Thursday, July 26, 2018 3:30 – 7:30pm Henderson County High School

Helps us spread the word to ensure our most precious assets are equipped with cutting-edge training and the best knowledge offered!

Sign up today with the link below.

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