Former journalist Bill Goodman to emcee Fancy Farm picnic

FANCY FARM, Ky. (AP) — Former KET journalist Bill Goodman will emcee the political speaking event at this year’s Fancy Farm picnic.

The annual fundraiser for St. Jerome’s Parish is scheduled for August 3. The picnic includes the traditional “political speaking” beneath the shaded pavilion in Fancy Farm, a small farming hamlet in western Kentucky.

Goodman, currently the executive director of the Kentucky Humanities Council, says the picnic is the state’s most important political event.

The picnic marks the traditional start of the fall campaign season. Candidates from both parties share the stage before a crowd of hecklers as their speeches are broadcast on statewide television. For more than 100 years, politicians from both parties have shared the stage and traded zingers while trying to keep their cool in the face of a raucous crowd.

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