Evansville man arrested after pointing rifle at mailman


Evansville Police were called to 410 N Barker at 1:00 this afternoon on a complaint of a person with a gun. A postal worker called 911 when 59 year old MARK ALAN SMITH confronted him when he delivered mail to Smith’s home.

The postal worker told officers he had just delivered Smith’s mail when Smith came out and began yelling at him about breaking into his garage. Smith was armed with a .22 rifle and was pointing it at him.

Smith called 911 during the encounter and told a dispatcher that the mailman was breaking into his garage, but police did not find any evidence of a break in. Smith also told the dispatcher that he was armed and was holding the mailman at gunpoint.

Officers determined the mailman was simply delivering the mail when Smith confronted him. The rifle was seized and Smith was arrested for Intimidation with a Weapon.

Mark Alan Smith

(Courtesy: Evansville Police Dept.)

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