Equine Sculpture Gallops onto Kentucky Horse Park

Artist Adrian Landon Installs Moving Sculpture at Park

LEXINGTON, Ky. (Oct. 23, 2015) – With a 10-foot wide steel and stainless steel body, 100 bearings, 30 feet of chain, 23 articulating joints and one small motor, a new Mechanical Horse sculpture welcomes visitors to the Kentucky Horse Park.

The sculpture was recently installed by New York sculptor Adrian Landon and is the newest exhibit secured by the International Museum of the Horse for guests visiting the park for events such as the CP National Horse Show, the Breeders’ Cup Festival and the Breeders’ Cup.

The Mechanical Horse sculpture, on display through October 2016, is located at the park’s Visitor Center.

Landon has a large portfolio of work with metal as his preferred medium. He feels that his work with horses is among his most passionate.

“There is something truly epic in representing horses in metal and my passions for both things come together quite well,” Landon says on his website.

For more information about the Mechanical Horse or the International Museum of the Horse, contact the Kentucky Horse Park at 859-233-4303 or 800-678-8813 or info@kyhorsepark.com or visit www.KyHorsePark.com.

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