EPD: Suspect Arrested for Attempted Murder, Rape and Numerous Other Charges


On Monday, May 23, 2016, at approximately 9:22 a.m., Evansville Police Officers went to the 200 Block of East Delaware Street to check the welfare of the female resident. She did not show up at work and her co-workers were concerned for her safety. Patrol Officers arrived at the residence and repeatedly knocked on the front and back doors of the house, but got no response from anyone inside.

Later that the morning, police say officers met a friend of the female at the address who had a key to the residence and was going to assist the officers in getting inside to check the female’s welfare. While at the front door of the house, the female opened the door for the officers. Officers immediately observed that the female was extremely upset and had numerous bruises and injuries to her head, neck, face, and extremities.

According to authorities, the female told the officers that Curtis Lee Woodard, who was still at the house, had repeatedly beaten her with his hands and feet, sexually assaulted her, and would not allow her to leave the residence. Woodard was transported to the EPD headquarters and placed in an interview room.

A detective spoke with the female and observed that her left eye was swollen and bruised and that she had numerous bruises on her face and forehead. He also observed strangulation marks on her throat and bruises on her arms. She reportedly told the detective that her boyfriend (Woodard) had been using methamphetamine heavily over the last few days and became angry and threatening towards her.

Police say the female victim stated that on Sunday, May 22, 2016, she tried to leave the house, but Woodard grabbed her by the hair and dragged her up the stairs, through a room and a hallway and threw her onto her bed. She stated that Woodard attempted to have sex with her, but that she resisted his efforts, which made Woodard extremely angry. She said that Woodard, who is 6`5” and weighs 250 pounds, began punching her in the head and face. She stated that he then cut her clothes off and continued to strike her in the head and face.

According to police, she stated that Woodard had poured rubbing alcohol all over her body and ignited a lighter while standing over her and implied that he was going to set her on fire and kill her. She stated that she feared that he would set her on fire.

She stated that throughout the night and into the early morning hours, Woodard continued to strike her numerous times with his fist and other objects. She said that Woodard grabbed her by the throat with both of his hands and squeezed her throat to the point where she almost lost consciousness.

She stated that throughout the ordeal that she was beaten, kicked, and had boiling water poured on her.

She stated that Woodard barricaded the doors of the house and refused to allow her to leave and that she attempted to leave when Woodard passed out, but he woke up and kept her in the house against her will.

According to the release, Woodard stated to the detective that he had done something really bad to someone he loved and that he has a bad methamphetamine problem and mental illness. Woodard admitted that he hit the female with his fists and admitted to pouring water on her, but would not admit to any of the other allegations. Woodard claimed that the water that was poured on the female was not boiling hot.

Woodard was charged with the following charges:

CT I Attempted Murder, Level 1
CT II Rape, Level 1
CT III Rape, Level 1
CT IV Rape, Level 1
CT V Confinement, Level 5
CT VI Intimidation, Level 5
CT VII Strangulation, Level 6
CT VIII Domestic Battery, Class A Misdemeanor

Curtis Woodford

(Image Credit: Evansville Police Dept.)

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