EVANSVILLE – Deaconess is now able to offer onsite testing for the COVID-19 coronavirus. Test samples will no longer need to be sent to out-of-town laboratories, which means that Deaconess will now have same-day testing results.
“The newly-purchased testing equipment uses the same technique, called polymerase chain reaction, currently being used by Eli Lilly, Lab Corp and other companies,” said Dr. April Abbott, Director of Microbiology, Deaconess. “It is considered to be the most accurate way to diagnose someone with a current coronavirus infection.”
“Having same-day results is a game-changer in the fight against coronavirus,” said Phil Gamble, Director, Deaconess Regional Laboratory. “We will be able to quickly test patients who are severely ill, those who are hospitalized, and healthcare workers. Having this information quickly helps us make the best, safest decisions for patients and staff.”
A test still won’t be recommended for everyone, as there is an ongoing shortage of the supplies used to collect samples. Patients will still need to meet criteria for testing; those criteria, options and other testing information can be found at
“Although we must continue to use our supplies wisely, we can now perform significantly more tests–with a greatly improved turn-around time for results–for those living in our community,” said Gamble.


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