Daniel Cameron Launches Campaign for Governor

Louisville – Daniel Cameron, the Republican Attorney General of Kentucky, today announced his campaign for Governor in 2023.

“I’ve decided to run for Governor because Kentucky needs a leader who reflects the values of the men, women and children of all 120 counties,” said Cameron. “That’s not our current Governor.”

“If you attend church or own a small business, you should know your Governor won’t target you and shut you down. You should expect a Governor who will stand up for life. And if you’re in law enforcement you deserve a Governor who won’t abandon you for political gain. As your Attorney General I’ve proven that I will always defend Kentucky’s values.”

Cameron announced his campaign for Governor in a video shot at the birthplace of President Abraham Lincoln in Hodgenville, Kentucky.

He also has a new campaign website at CameronforKentucky.com.

“Makenze and I invite you to join our campaign to restore conservative leadership to Frankfort.”

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