CSX to Close US 41/9th St in HOPKINSVILLE & KY 2171/Hubert Reid Rd in HOPKINS Co. starting TUESDAY MORNING

As a reminder, CSX Railroad plans to close the US 41/East 9th Street crossing in HOPKINSVILLE and the KY 2171/Hubert Reid Road crossing north of Earlington starting on Tuesday, March 29, 2016.

This is part of ongoing CSX track maintenance work through Christian, Hopkins, and Webster counties that will continue for several weeks.

CSX plans to close US 41/East 9th Street in Downtown HOPKINSVILLE at US 41 mile point 12.285 starting around 6:00 a.m., CDT, on Tuesday, to allow rail line maintenance and upgrades to the crossing. This is along the busy section of US 41/East 9th Street that also carries US 68, KY 80, and KY 109. This crossing is along East 9th Street between KY 107/South Campbell Street and KY 2544/South Clay Street.  Approximately, 12,000 vehicles travel this section of US 41/East 9th Street in an average day.  There will be a marked detour.

Also, starting Tuesday, March 29, CSX plans to close KY 2171 at mile point 0.202 north of Earlington.   KY 2171/Hubert Reid Road will be closed between Hecla Road and West Highland Park. This is along KY 2171/Hubert Reid Road about a mile west of the KY 2171 intersection with US 41.

Rail line maintenance and crossing upgrades at these locations are expected to take about 2 to 3 days to complete, weather permitting.  CSX will attempt to provide timely notice when highway traffic can be restored at these locations.

CSX plans additional track work through Christian, Hopkins and Webster counties on the following tentative schedule with work continuing over about a two week period.

March 30-April 8 Tentative
KY 3059/Wells Road to close at mile point 3.774 in NORTONVILLE
KY 800/Princeton Street to close at mile point 6.587 just west of US 41 in CROFTON
East 14th Street in HOPKINSVILLE to close (City Street)

The following county roads and city streets will also be impacted by rail line work as the CSX track crew moves through the area.

Hopkinsville, KY- March 28-April 8 Tentative

Woodmill Rd.
East18th St
East 13th St
East 6th St.
East 5th St
East 1st St
Campbell St
Metcalf St
Concord Lane (To be scheduled on a weekend to minimize business impact)

Crofton, KY March 29-April 1 Tentative
Kelly-Mt. Zoar Rd.
Brown St.
E. Mill St.

Nortonville, KY March 29-April 8 Tentative
New Salem Circle
Wells Rd. (SR 3059)

Earlington, KY March 29-April 8 Tentative
Ed Brackett Ln
Bell Crossing Rd.
Moss Ave.

Madisonville, KY March 30th or after

Mooreland Ave to tentatively close Wednesday, March 30 for approximately 6 days

West Jagoe Street- date to be determined

Slaughters, KY March 2
9-April 1 Tentative
Slaughters-Elmwood Rd.

Again, other than the specific crossing closures listed above, this schedule is tentative at this time and subject to change due to weather and other factors.   CSX will attempt to provide timely updates as the track work progresses

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