Comer: Biden’s Policies Put America in Crisis

WASHINGTON – Congressman James Comer (R-Ky.) issued the following statement on President Biden’s State of the Union address:

“No amount of Washington spin can change the fact that America is in crisis because of President Biden’s disastrous agenda. Kentuckians and Americans all across the United States know the true state of the union every time they pay more for gas at the pump, food at the grocery store, and energy to heat their homes. They know the true state of the union when they witness human smugglers and drug cartels exploit President Biden’s open border policies and bring deadly drugs into our communities. And the American people know the true state of the union when they see foreign adversaries like Putin emboldened because of Biden’s weakness on the world stage. 

“In just a year, President Biden has taken us from America First to America Last. President Biden and Democrats must abandon their radical, left-wing policies that are putting our nation in crisis. We must end wasteful government spending that’s driving record inflation, unleash American-made energy to provide reliable, affordable energy to the American people, enforce our immigration laws, and lead by peace through strength.”  

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