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City of Henderson Board of Commissioners Approve 1st Reading of 2017 Tax Rate

City of Henderson Board of Commissioners Approve 1st Reading of 2017 Tax Rate

Bill Stephens

August 24th, 2016



HENDERSON, KY, August 23, 2016– The first reading of an ordinance setting the 2016 property tax rate was passed Tuesday night at the Henderson Board of Commissioners regular meeting.

The commission elected to use the compensating rate on real property only, a lower rate than the allowable 4-percent increase. No public hearing was required for this action.

The rate is set at 61 cents per $100 of market value (a 2 cent increase) on real property and 81.8 cents (no increase) on personal property.

If approved on final reading, the levy will generate $312,529 addition revenue to the City of Henderson.

The 2016 tax bill is due in full on Jan. 3. Payment prior to the end of business on Nov. 16 will result in a 1 percent discount.

The commission conducted these other items of business:

–  Passed a resolution adjusting the fee schedule for the rental of the John F. Kennedy Community Center. The change allows extended rental hours on Friday and Saturday nights for specific events that “promote tourism.”

–  Passed a routine resolution pertaining to financing of capital improvements. The reimbursement resolution allows the City to include expenditures related to land acquisition, architectural, design, demolition, construction and other categories for projects under discussion. If it is decided later to use reserves, reduce, delay or abandon the project, the resolution will simply expire.

–  Passed a resolution to extend sewer service outside the City limits to five more properties in the Finley Addition Project.

–  Approved a change order for poured-in-place rubber surfacing for the Newman Park Playground, in the amount of $20,033.

–  Approved a change order for additional work required for the construction of the new Municipal Services Center in the amount of $117,718.46. It is for drainage, foundation and site work as well as various repairs and replacements.

–  Awarded a bid in the amount of $98,706.02 for the purchase of eight new workstations for the Henderson 911 Dispatch Center and Backup Center. Eight bids were submitted.

–  Accepted an agreement between the City, Methodist Hospital and Edumedics to provide clinical services to employees, spouses and eligible dependents covered by the City of Henderson health insurance program.

The clinic would offer low- or no-cost option for high-quality primary of basic acute care needs with a clinician also trained in wellness techniques and promoting healthy lifestyles. It does not replace a primary care physician. A date for the launch of the clinic is yet to be determined.

–  Passed resolutions for modifying the reimbursement procedure for the Henderson County Humane Society, and for an easement with Henderson Community College relating to relocation of water utilities necessary for a road widening project.

The next meeting of the Board of Commissioners is 5:30 p.m., Sept. 13, in the Assembly Room.

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