Booking photo bill receives final passage

Booking photo bill receives final passage

Bill Stephens

March 30th, 2016


FRANKFORT—Web sites or publications that use jail booking photographs for profit could face stiff court-ordered damages under a bill that is on its way to the governor’s desk.

House Bill 132, sponsored by Rep. Gerald Watkins, D-Paducah, was granted final passage by a 99-0 vote today in the House. The bill would make it illegal to post booking photos to a web site or include them in a publication, then require payment to remove the photos from public view, Watkins said.

Violators could be civilly prosecuted in state circuit court and be required to pay damages starting at $100 a day for each separate violation along with attorney fees, per the bill.

Language was added to the final bill that would allow those jailed on misdemeanor offenses to receive sentencing credit for earning a GED, a high school diploma, or for good behavior while incarcerated. Those provisions were part of a Senate amendment sponsored by Sen. John Schickel, R-Union, that was approved by the Senate and agreed to by the House.


The Senate approved HB 132 as amended unanimously on March 24.


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