Attorney General Beshear Joins National Effort to Stop Debt Collection Robocalls to Kentucky Consumers


FRANKFORT, KY. (Jan. 28, 2016) – “Protecting Kentucky consumers from unwanted robocalls is an ongoing priority of the Office of the Attorney General. That’s why we are joining with other state attorneys general to ask Congress to pass the Help Americans Never Get Unwanted Phone calls Act of 2015. Also known as the HANGUP Act, the measure would repeal a recent amendment by Congress to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act allowing debt collection robocalls to consumers’ cellphones. Each year, the largest number of consumer complaints our office receives is about unwanted telemarketing calls, with robocalls and debt collection at the top of the list. We cannot lose ground on our efforts to protect consumers. Congress must act and once again put consumers first. To delay action puts consumers at risk and is a step backward for our office to prosecute those who violate state and federal consumer laws. I ask Kentucky consumers to reach out to their Congressional leaders and urge passage of the HANGUP Act. For more information on Kentucky’s No Call List, visit our website.”

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