Alcoa’s layoff of 600 worries many in southwestern Indiana

NEWBURGH, Ind. (AP) — Many in southwestern Indiana are worried about the impact of Alcoa’s decision to cut 600 jobs as it shuts down part of its aluminum manufacturing operations along the Ohio River.

The company announced Thursday it would permanently close its Warrick Operations smelter by the end of March. The company will keep about 1,200 people working at the facility near Evansville, but Warrick County Chamber of Commerce director Shari Sherman says the layoffs will be a major economic hit.

Alcoa vice president John Martin says the decision was made because the smelter isn’t competitive as the price of aluminum dropped by about 30 percent last year.

United Steelworkers local officer Chris Horn says it isn’t clear whether some workers could be transferred to other Alcoa facilities.


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