2016 kynect Open Enrollment Period begins Nov. 1

The 2016 kynect open enrollment period will begin November 1st.

Kentuckians in need of health care coverage may find more choices and lower prices by shopping on kynect during the 2016 open enrollment period, which is November 1st through January 31, 2016, according to officials of the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services.

Since kynect was established, state officials say Kentucky has grown from three insurance companies in 2014 selling policies in the individual market on the exchange, to five carriers in 2015 to seven during the upcoming enrollment period in 2016. This is reportedly the largest number of carriers in the individuals market in Kentucky since the late 1990s.

All health plans sold on kynect will be available for preview Friday, October 16th – prior to the start of the open enrollment on November 1st.

Last month, federal Census data reported Kentucky’s uninsured rate had declined to 8.5 percent, making it the biggest drop in the number of uninsured in the country from 2013 to 2014.

For the 2016 open enrollment, officials say individuals who have previously purchased a qualified health plan through kynect will soon be receiving a letter in the mail advising them of the many options available through kynect for the 2016 plan year.

State officials encourage Individuals who need health insurance to log on to kynect or contact an insurance agent or kynector to see their options for quality, affordable health coverage in 2016. Officials add that Medicaid enrollment is open at any time.

Visit https://kynect.ky.gov or call 1-855-4kynect (459-6328) to learn more about affordable health care options for Kentuckians.

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