200 Pleasure Ridge High students walk out of class

200 Pleasure Ridge High students walk out of class

Bill Stephens

May 5th, 2016


LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) — About 200 Pleasure Ridge Park High School students have staged a walkout in support of their teachers.

Media outlets report that the student-led walkout happened early Wednesday afternoon. Its main focus was the district-level discussion about changing the student code of conduct, but some students also mentioned concerns with the district’s idea to possibly freeze many of its employees’ salaries next school year.

The Jefferson County Public Schools board hasn’t received any formal recommendations to change the code. A committee has submitted recommendations to eliminate suspensions for certain offenses and shorten suspensions for other offenses. JCPS Superintendent Donna Hargens says the proposed changes are meant to clarify vague areas.

JCPS spokeswoman Jennifer Brislin says students who participated in the walkout will be subject to the code of conduct.


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