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UCHS 2016 Seniors Work Ethic Recognition through Work Ethic Seal Program, May 26, 2016

UCHS 2016 Seniors Work Ethic Recognition through Work Ethic Seal Program, May 26, 2016

Bill Stephens

May 2nd, 2016


Beginning with the Class of 2016, local school officials say Union County High School students have the opportunity to be recognized and rewarded for demonstrating a strong work ethic in their high school studies.

This year, Public Relations Coordinator Malinda Beauchamp says in a release that 34 UCHS Seniors are on their way to earning a Work Ethic Seal on their diploma. Of these 34 Seniors, those who complete the year having met the criteria in the areas of attendance, behaviors, and soft skills will be awarded the Work Ethic seal, receive a special cord to wear at graduation, and receive an official recommendation letter signed by Superintendent Patricia Sheffer. Union County First Director of Community Develop Garrick Thompson tells WMSK News the Work Ethic seal will also be signed by Union County Industrial Development Authority Board Chairman, Garland Certain. Beauchamp says students with the Work Ethic Seal on their diploma will be given special consideration by employers when applying for jobs.

According to the release, the Work Ethic seal is a movement across the nation to encourage strong work ethic and the development of valuable soft skills. In Union County, it is part of the Work Ready community criteria. In April, Beauchamp says representatives from Union County were part of a regional work ethic seal action committee as part of the Western Kentucky Educational Cooperative to replicate the Work Ethic seal in school districts in western Kentucky and offer a model they can replicate state-wide.

On Thursday, May 26, 2016, at 6:00 p.m, Beauchamp says Seniors having earned the Work Ethic seal will be recognized at a special recognition ceremony at Union County High School. Local school officials are extending an invitation to all area business owners and leaders to attend the recognition ceremony and show your support to the UCHS students. If you plan on attending the ceremony, please RSVP to Ladonna Brown at the Central Office. That number is 270-389-1694.

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