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Various Scams are ever present.

Various Scams are ever present.

Bill Stephens

January 9th, 2017


Union County Sheriff Deputy Jason Thomas wants to remind everyone that various scams are ever present. They still receive complaints daily. One of which is the IRS scam. Though would be scammers try all year, tax season approaching so this type of scam may become more common. You may receive a phone call advising you owe unpaid income taxes and you should make an immediate payment. Often times the recipient is threatened with prosecution from local law-enforcement. The IRS will NOT simply call you and collect money over the phone and local law-enforcement does NOT assist the IRS. If you receive a call asking for any kind of payment that you are not familiar with DO NOT give ANY personal information. Don’t hesitate to call your local law-enforcement agency. the only sure way to prevent your-self from becoming a victim is through education. If you think you are a victim of IRS fraud go to IRS.gov/identitytheft. this website may help. For any questions call the Sheriff’s Office at 270-389-1303.

Just Remember if it doesn’t sound right it probably isn’t.

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