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Traffic Advisory

Traffic Advisory

Bill Stephens

January 13th, 2017



The freezing rain indicated on radar has only made it south of the Ohio River in Union County and Henderson County. Crews in those counties report pavement surface temperatures are holding above the freezing mark.

As a precaution, Union County has a couple of trucks out salting the Shawneetown Bridge and other bridges around the northern part of the county. The Henderson crew has received no reports of icing. At this time the freeze line appears to be moving northward back into Indiana.

Motorists are advised to maintain a high level of awareness and keep a close watch on local driving conditions in our Kentucky counties.

Extra caution is required if you are traveling northward into Indiana or Illinois today where freezing rain has developed.

Attached is a screen clip of winter radar from our pals at weatherobservatory.com. The purple area is freezing rain

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