Posey Co. Sheriff’s Office Warns of Facebook Scam

The Posey County Sheriff’s Office is warning the public about a new Facebook scam.

Chief Deputy Tom Latham said the sheriff’s office received a complaint Friday in reference to a victim that was contacted on Facebook by someone using the identity of another Facebook friend. The false Facebook friend stated they had just received a check for 150-thousand dollars at their home and wanted the victim to contact a phone number to receive the victims check for 150-thousand dollars. The Posey County Sheriff’s Office is encouraging everyone not to call the number or obtain any money for the sender.

According to the Posey County Sheriff’s Office, the scam involves the scammer’s obtaining friend profiles from your Facebook account and pretending to be that friend in order to make it more believable that you will obtain 150-thousand dollars. If you believe something seems out of place, they advise you to contact the Facebook friend personally or do not respond at all.

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