Police warn of scammers claiming to be deputies

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) — Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear warned that scammers have called dozens of Kentuckians, pretending to be a deputy and claiming they have a federal warrant for their arrest.

They offer to resolve the issue, for a small price.

Sheriffs in counties across the state joined Beshear in cautioning citizens not to fall for the trick.

The number of reports has spiked over the last month. Jefferson County Sheriff John Aubrey said his office alone gets as many as 50 reports a week.

Beshear said law enforcement does not contact people over the phone to inform them of federal warrants and never asks for money.

Anyone who receives one of these calls is advised to hang up and contact their local sheriff’s office or the Attorney General at (888) 432-9257.


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