Equipment violation leads to arrest of 23 year old woman with stolen car, stolen gun and drugs

Police in Evansville say a missing headlight on a vehicle led to the arrest of a 23 year old woman for auto theft, theft of a gun and drug possession.

Evansville Police reports an officer saw Brittney Davis driving a vehicle with a missing headlight around 11:35 Wednesday night near Mary and Virginia Streets and when officers got behind the car, Davis turned on her hazard lights and drove to the entrance of Deaconess Hospital Emergency Room where a male with a head injury and blood covering his clothes got out of the passenger side. While following the car, officers say they ran a routine check on the license plate which came back that the vehicle was stolen.

Police escorted the couple into the hospital and then police questioned Davis who reportedly said she only knew the male being looked at by medical staff as Jeremy. Officers had Davis exit the hospital and placed her under arrest for being in possession of a stolen car. Officers then reported found a handgun in her purse which was reported stolen during a burglary in Evansville on September 24th. While doing an inventory of the car, police say officers found synthetic marijuana and various prescription pills that were not prescribed to Davis.

Evansville Police indicate Davis finally identified the male as Jeremiah Hinsey, who officers say had active misdemeanor warrants out for his arrest; however, due to his injures he remained hospitalized and officers were unable to question him.

Davis was charged with Theft of a Firearm, Auto Theft, several counts of possession of various drugs and other offenses.

During the investigation, Evansville Police learned that Hinsey may be linked to an Armed Robbery that was reported near the downtown YMCA several hours earlier where he reportedly tried to rob a woman at gunpoint of her car. Police say the woman screamed and police went to the scene, but the suspect had fled the scene with the keys to the vehicle and officers were not able to the suspect.

Brittany Davis

(Source: Evansville Police Dept.)

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