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Deaconess statement about local and regional COVID-19 trends

Deaconess statement about local and regional COVID-19 trends

Bill Stephens

November 10th, 2020


Statement from Deaconess

Local and regional COVID-19 trends are very concerning. Deaconess is experiencing the highest volumes of COVID-19 patients to date, with multiple hospitals approaching capacity.  Yesterday, Deaconess Regional Laboratory tested more than 1,450 people—a record-high number; over the past six days, we have had more than 200 positive test results per day.  As shown in the ISDH website for district 10, hospital admissions reached a new peak, with 217 patients hospitalized as of Sunday.

These increasing positive cases will likely lead to hospital capacity that is strained or could be exceeded. Currently, about 20% of local positive COVID-19 patients are requiring hospital admission; one in four hospitalized patients will require ICU care.  Hospital admissions tend to be 10-20 days after diagnosis, which means these current high number of cases will lead to large numbers of hospitalized patients in the coming weeks.

Again, these rapidly-increasing volumes of diagnosed and hospitalized COVID-19 patients are very concerning.  We are asking for support from our community to help reduce spread and overall illness by limiting gatherings to very small circles, wearing a mask and social distancing at all times while around people outside your household, getting a flu shot, and considering alternative plans for the upcoming holidays.

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